Tuesday, November 2, 2010

perpetuum mobile

I went for a run a while ago and this song
popped up on my pandora,
it literally made me stop in my tracks and just smile and listen.
Its %100 instrumental and perfect.
I got kind of teary-eyed cause it was just so beautiful to me.
It completely embodies how my life feels right now and I love it.
When you listen to it, can't you just picture yourself doing your best, trying to make it all work, in the constant movement of life, kids running around, bills being paid, long hours, but all the while its happy.

I probably sound crazy,
but take a few minutes to listen.


Carly said...

i know this is in a movie i've seen recently but i can't place it... arrrrgh haha

Alisha and Braeden said...

That song it perfect to my life too. Always so crazy busy running around everywhere, but still happy.. well I will be more happy once dec comes lets be honest :)

Thanks for sharing!

April said...

You don't sound like a crazy. That song is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Brandon and Jennifer said...

You have added a favorite to my FOREVER music craving soul...thank you