Monday, February 7, 2011

bullet points that are random, like they almost always are.

So I crossed some things off my weekend-to-do list. 
Obviously not the one about changing my blog around. 
Cookies trump computer stuff.
  • So we live real close to Uptown (aka downtown) Charlotte. Like, from certain spots in our neighborhood we can see this. Lily calls all the big buildings: "CASTLES!" and yes, princesses in fact, live in that big castle.
  • Before we left for an un-official Super Bowl party last night, Chad and I literally had to not only Google who was in the game this year, but I also researched what colors each team was. We are THAT awesome.
  • My new e-friend Celeste introduced me to one of my new favorite bands: The Airborne Toxic Event. I heart THIS  song. And can I go to the next concert with you Celeste? I mean REAAALLLY. Whenever I am introduced to a new band, I am happy because I love new music, but also somewhat ticked no one showed me sooner. Very complicated emotions I am feeling right now.
  • Also my new favorite thing is to wear shirts tucked in. Awkward? I cant figure out if its actually 'cool' or if it's just one of my weird things.
  • Both my girls are sitting on the kitchen table coloring. Why are they obsessed with being on the table? I don't know but everything is better, food tastes better when you sit ON the table, colors from our dried out markers are brighter, and the Dora and Strawberry Shortcake coloring books are that much more rad. Try it.
Alright, enough bullet points for me. 
On to laundry and waiting for it to get warm enough to walk to the park.
Happy Monday!


Diana Smith said...

Bullet points are awesome! they keep everything organized, thats cute your daughter calls them castles!! She has quite the imagination!!

Celeste said...

Rachel!!! You & I are new official concert buddies. Yay! I always need more of those. But cept you life rather farish away. Theyre supposed to be coming out with new North American tour dates sometime soon, let's meet in the middle or something, how rad would that be??

Haley said...

"castles!!" don't you love kid's imaginations :) Goodness, the more I read your blog the more I want to meet your little princesses! ;)