Saturday, February 5, 2011


We made approximately 10000000000000000 sugar cookies tonight.
(thanks for the recipe Heath, they turned out perfecto!)
Lily and our little neighbor had sprinkle duty. 
Have you ever had two toddlers in charge of sprinkles?
Who ever is lucky enough to be gifted some
will surely be tasting the rainbow
....and probably peeing the rainbow too.

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Mackenzie said...

Ohhhhh my gosh, I just finished reading all your latest funny amazing posts-- I check it often ya know, but for some reason, I can NEVER get my comments to makes ME want to "run away" too and it HAS happened before as well! BUt I Just LOVE you sooo much ...your zip for life and love of the adventure of being a truly WONDERFUL mom is soooo refreshing and simply delightful! YOU and JESSICA remind me so much of each other it just THRILLS ME to read your whimsical, heartfelt, tender posts! I LOVE how you girls let ALL your TRUE colors shine--it is beautiful and upliftng and sweet and inspiring and just plain FUN !! Truly it is--keep it up you two and that goes for all your awesome amazing friends as well! xoxooxxooxoxoxo I love it along with soooo many others! LOVE, AUNT BEC :)