Friday, February 4, 2011

t-shirt flower dress

First off, let me state that apparently I put on my crappy-photographer hat while taking these pictures. Sorry they are not too great. But you will get the basic point, despite the grainy confusion in my white balance.
Any-who, this is what I made Lily during her nap:
Ya dig? 
Here's how I did it:
 Take a nice stretchy too-big-for-me t-shirt and turn it inside out. Lay a dress down, or shirt, whateves, that will give you a basic idea of what shape size you want. You want the neck of the shirt, to be the neck of the dress, and the bottom hem of the shirt to be the bottom hem of the dress (less to sew for us!) I then traced the dress, roughly, then pinned, then cut, then sewed. 
Turn right side out to get this:
 Nice and simple, it needs some pizaz right? Right.
 So with the scraps from the old shirt, cut out different shapes and sizes of flowers, my biggest in diameter was about 3 inches.
 Put three together, then do a few stitches in the center. Aren't I nice and used white thread so you could see? AKA I am lazy and didn't want to wind a different color bobbin. 
Then we place them where we want them around the neck, and sew where you want them. If you want to be really awesome and perfectionisty, hand sewing would probably be best. Or if you are even more lazy then me, I bet hot glue would last a while.
And there ya go, a new FLOWER DRESSSSSSSSSSS!!!


Janice said...

very cute and she looks absolutely adorable!

k said...

that is seriously the cutest thing i've ever seen! I want one!

Jennifer said...

I'm happy that you posted this. I want to make my daughter a nightgown, but she won't wear it if it is the least bit itchy. I will make your cute basic dress and then embellish it with satin ruffles and flowing overlay. Your idea was great and I love recycling clothes!