Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today my love turned 27.
I was sneaky and made his favorite indonesian food for dinner, 
then we ate a ridiculous ice cream cake I concocted.
All on my favorite Star Wars sheets.

It was a simple celebration, which is how we like to roll.
Tomorrow we go on a hot date that I have planned. 
We might even stay up past 9!
 Crazy kids.

Happy birthday my best friend. You make my world go round.
I am so, so happy you were born.


Celeste said...

happy birthday Chad!!! Thanks for being a good man to one of my favorite people I've never met. I want to hear more about his ice cream cake.

Diana Smith said...

what a cute wife you are!! I love the look on his face! Indonesian food?? Sounds awesome!

kelly said...

my new plan is to introduce myself when i come across a blog of i click back to more than once and since this makes trip number 4 I thought I'd say hello. I'm kelly. I like it here.
love the sheets. yesterday was a wonderful day to turn 27. I should know, I did just the same.