Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hope you are having a marvelous weekend thus far.
We are. Went on a great date last night, Chad surprised me by taking me to the MAC counter and telling the pretty girls that work there to help me get new make up. So They did. And I love it.
The rest of the weekend we are all fighting off colds, making our kids do the dishes, and watching General Conference.

See ya suckers.

ps- whenever we have another kid, someone please get us this onesie. And this one.


Laura said...

ooo what a sweet date :) I love makeup

Becca said...

ok that is the SWEETEST thing, I need to talk my husband into doing that!

Erin_C said...

i'm jealous of your MAC experience!

and i LOVE the pics about your sink. haha!

Krista & Tyler said...

Hey lady - I wanted to give a belated thanks for the postcard [forever ago] but I still have it on my night stand! haha I miss you guys!

What kind of makeup did you get at MAC? I'm in the market [Este Lauder, bless her heart, is getting a bit old on me haha].

Anywho, love your face!