Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Nothing lights up our day like high-healed, jelly, butterfly, light-up, sandals.
Thank you Grandma Dolly!

What does our house sound like?

ps- Did you know I used to play cello? Undoubtably the most beautiful instrument in the world. Anywho my broski were talking today about getting wicked good at the cello some day. And that day, we will play THIS. Honestly, this couldn't be more rad.

...and if you dig that, you will also love the group: Apocalypita


April said...

So cute. I want some in my size my boys would love watching me walk around in them , they LOVE girly girls!! What a good grandma you have!

Megan Marie said...

hahahahaha clack-clack-clack i can hear it now. grandparents are the COOLEST!

Diana Smith said...

I cannot wait till my little girl can wear these! FUN FUN FUN!! I want a pair in my size too haha

Erin_C said...

yay for boxes from grandma! whenever we get a box, carly knows it is full of prizes for her! ha!

been meaning to say . . . we LOVE the fabric flowers you sent. a tutorial, perhaps?

Unknown said...

I just was mesmerized by the cello, twice. Oh my gosh. I loved those!!!