Thursday, March 3, 2011

home for lunch

I called and bribed Chad to ride his bike home for lunch cause I got him his favorite little treat: Doraditas.
He helps entertain the girlies and I make salmon-tzatziki-pesto-tomato-lettuce wraps.

It was short, but sweet.
Only four more hours til he's home!


Carly said...

recipe!! :)

Diana Smith said...

Cute!! Its a nice little treat when they can come home! He looks SO Much like Odettes' family haha crazy! It all makes sense now! That would be so fun if you could go! We are driving up...we are pretty psycho!

Megan Marie said...

you are so so so so so cute.

{jane} said...


salmon+slskdla+pesssto+skaldk+wraps, wh?

sounds amazing, your outfit is killer, and my salivating tongue needs to go make dinner now...