Friday, March 4, 2011

sweet trip

We have little, old, local drug store a couple blocks from our house.
It's adorable and we recently discovered they have old fashioned/regular candy they sell by the piece.
We walked over today with 50 cents and got five pieces.
It was a sweet little trip, that I plan on taking very often.


Janice said...

those girls are getting so big! love all the photos you post:)

Megan Marie said...

even cooler than the one by our place...? you know, where my mom took the kids to get candy and the lady running the store said "I be right back, you watch store!" and left mom there with three kids while she went to a yard sale, haha. oh yeah, then charged her for three pieces of candy. so funny!

you guys, you're awesome.

Unknown said...

Eden's hair cracks me up. I love it :)

Diana Smith said...

what a fun little thing to do! Simple, but kids like that!