Monday, March 28, 2011

Iron Chef, 2011

On Saturday we were part of a neighborhood Iron Chef competition.
How it went down:
We were given the ingredient at 10 am: CITRUS.
We then drew what course we would make. We got desert!
Chad and I made lemon cupcakes, injected with lemon curd, with a lemon-zest meringue frosting (soooo goooooood).
Other competitors: brought beer batter-coconut shrimp+orange marmalade, lemon creamy pasta, lime+cilantro+avocado crab cakes, citrus enchiladas, and lemon cake balls+citrus ice cream.
After we all feasted, we judged each dish. 
It was a close one, but the crab cakes won. 
Next time, we are taking the crown.

It was a total blast and I am still full just looking at the pictures. So much good food.
I highly recommend starting a competition with your amigos!


Celeste said...

May I please move in with you? At least into the neighborhood? I betcha it didn't snow there either? Jerk.

Becca said...

LOVE this totally going to do this with friends!

Anonymous said...

yes i will be theifing this idea. LOVE it. and i will have to find someone to do all the intense yelling at the beginning. i heart iron chef. those cupcakes look divine!

Diana Smith said...

Your neighboorhood seems like so much fun!! I love this!!

Holly said...

That sounds like a blast!!! I want to live in your neighborhood!!!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Oh my gosh! One of my favorite shows...this sounds like so much fun!! :)