Tuesday, March 29, 2011

typical tuesday: Meghan Burrows

Hey folks. Today my awesome friend Meghan is sharing a Tuesday with us. Meghan and I were roommates back in the day of BYU-I. We also worked at Little Caesars together. Also went to Warped Tour together once. She is adorable, vegan, has a cool old house in Salt Lake City, married to a sweet artist, always knows about new, awesome music and has excellent thrifting skills. 
Any ways, here's a look into a typical tuesday for Meghan!

Typical Tuesday:
Hello Everyone!! My Typical Tuesday starts with my alarm going off at 6:15. I push the snooze button until about 6:40, then I roll out of bed and get ready. This is pushing it, because I have to be at work at 7:30. I get ready for the day, usually the minimal. Today is a hat day. We got in late last night from visiting San Francisco for my brothers wedding, and I didn't shower.

I get my breakfast and lunch packed, grab the rest of my things and I leave my house around 7:18, which is a little late.(quite typical for me).

Slushy snow on my windshield, but that's March in Utah for you. Thankfully its not that dark outside when I pull into work. I work at the Montessori Community School of Salt lake City.

I get to work, see the wonderful Frida Khalo art the Elementary classes did, put my lunch away and put my bag in the classroom that I work in. I walk past all the cute small little cubbies. I check to see if there are any kids waiting on me with the other early morning teacher and then I go downstairs to the art room where we have Early Care class for Elementary and 3-6 yr old's. I eat my breakfast down there and usually have little friends join me with their breakfasts. Mine's a Larabar today.

At 8:20 all the kids are picked up by their different teachers and I get to go upstairs to the Toddlers, thats where my busy day starts. We paint, build towers with blocks, play with playdough, play with trains, and wash babies(toy babies), eat snack, play in the gym or outside, practice pouring water, potty training(for some), and all other sorts of things you can imagine a toddler doing. We do all of these things, until their parents come to pick them up at 11:30.

Then I get to go play on the bike patio with the 3-6 year old's. After that Its lunch time from 12:30-1:15. Today's lunch is an eggless tofu salad sandwich(its actually very yummy). When my lunch is over I get to go into the nap room and hang out with sleeping toddlers(different from the ones I spend my mornings with). :-) They are adorable.

I hang out with the sleeping toddlers until they start to wake up. When they wake up I get to help them find and put on their shoes, fold up their blankets, and wash hands and get snack. I get to read stories and work with them on different activities until its time for me to go home at 4:15. By that time I am EXHAUSTED. Working with kiddos is fun, but tiring.

I get home around 4:30 and am greeted by Ms. Eleanor the Cat. We cuddle a little and she usually meows at me(indications she wants food). We either take a little nap, I blog, watch TV, or I think about working out until Mr. Burrows gets home from work around 6:30pm.

When my love gets home we snuggle on the couch for a little while, then make dinner. Tonight's dinner is simple: Chips, beans, guacamole, salsa, vegan sourcream, and one of our favorite drinks: some apple martinellis mixed with Kombucha. After dinner Brady works on one of his many projects he is working on for his graphic design business. I sit next to him on my computer blogging, playing on facebook or trying to get some work done for my Montessori Certification program I am taking to be a certified Montessori Teacher. We do that until about 10pm then its off to bed, but we typically don't make it to bed until closer to 11pm. Then we get to wake up and do it all over again.

So there is my typical Tuesday, not too exciting and quite typical. *Rachel, thank you so much for letting me share my typical Tuesday with you and your blog. You are Awesome!

No, no. Thank YOU Meghan. You are awesome.
Check out Meghan's sweet blog HERE.
Her husband's site HERE.

Want to share a typical tuesday with us? 
Email me and we can schedule it k?


Diana Smith said...

This is cool! I like reading about other peoples days! It reminds me that I am not that only one up at unearthly hours haha

Emma said...

I too enjoy these typical Tuesdays! Keep them going- it's fun to meet people who do...typical things :).

Haley said...

I feel like I had met Meghan at your house back in day at BYUI :) Loved her typical tuesday! Good luck to her with getting the Montessori program cert :) I've learned a bit about those programs and they have some wonderful teaching methods :) And I love that her cat is named Ms. Eleanor!

PS - i want chips and guac now :)