Saturday, March 5, 2011


I finally got new glasses!
Yay for vision!
They are pretty Squints Palledorous-ish, but who doesn't love Squints?
I actually picked out Ray-Ban sunglasses and had them put in actual lenses.
Maybe we'll have a glasses party, like last time.


Brandon and Jennifer said...

Cute! Love them

Haley said...

Love them rach! They look fantastic on you! And how sweet that you kind of created them yourself when you turned them from sunglasses to regular :)

PS - love the title. oh i heart Sandlot

Diana Smith said...

These are soooo cute on you!! Love them!

amber york said...

Glasses party is a great idea! I loved when you did it for your girl. Royce may need glasses too. If so we will definately need to have a party!

Megan Marie said...

so you. so you. love.

{jane} said...

ee-gads! you look absolutely stunning. jealous.