Friday, June 24, 2011

cripsy, chewy, spicy, cheesey.

Tonight, we had burritos.
Not just any burritos.
I tired something new, and my life is forever changed.
I took this picture half way through, and your lucky you got to see half, it was gone rather quickly.
In a rather huge tortilla I smeared: re-fried beans, rice, (a LOT of) avocado chunks, diced fresh tomato, sauteed onions+garlic, lime juice, sour cream, cheese, salsa, and hot sauce. Then I rolled it all up, tight.
THEN, this is what made it life changing for me, THEN I pan fried it in olive oil, on each side until brown (use tongs to turn it).
Um, holy amazballs. It adds a little crisp, but the tortilla is still chewy, it makes all the cheese all melty and sour cream goo everywhere. Basically perfect. Well at least for this knocked up chick.

Try it. Next time, I'm doing my honey butter shrimp+mango salsa. Don't even try and stop me.


Emma said...

My mama would fry up our burritos too- so goooood. We ate them so often that one of my brother's high school friends would come over to hang out (and it was quite often) and we'd always be eating fried burritos :).

Megan Marie said...

suhh-weet. i miss you.

just got back from a weekend at the coast with a bunch of really cool ladies in the ward. it was awesome. we even talked a couple of times about how cool you are and how we wish you still lived here. :)