Friday, June 24, 2011


Last night I was texting with my friend Meghan (remember her?) and she's actually from around where I am currently. She said to check out Eureka Springs...and since we happen to have some time on our hands, we made a little trip over the Ozark Mountains (more like hills) to the little town of Eureka Springs. Ok first off, let me tell you again, Arkansas is beautiful, the Ozarks are awesome. The drive alone was dreamy, and I can not wait to make that drive in the fall, the colors will be amazing.
Its an old little town full of galleries, restaurants, people with accents, boutiques, and old train station (Lily was in heaven) and other touristy type stuff. A lot to see, and so many amazingly adorable bed and breakfasts. Chad and I have started making plans already for a anniversary trip.

Thanks for the tip Meghan, it really was a fun outing.


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Anonymous said...

wow, looks like a beautiful place!

Meghan said...

I am so glad you guys liked it. Most of the fun is getting there. The roads are soo curvy. I love how green it is there. We stayed there on our honeymoon thing at this bed and breakfast: and it was awesome. Also the Cressent Hotel there is suppose to be haunted!