Thursday, June 23, 2011


We have learned since being in Arkansas, that this state is very, very underestimated. It is positively beautiful, well, at least where we are at. The girls took a later nap today, and then we had an early what? We needed them to expel their super-duper-toddler-energy, cause bed time was far coming.
"Should we check out the mall and let them run around?" Yes, I actually spoke those stupid words. BARF. I hate malls, why would I say that? desperation to get out? Apparently. Then, Chad suggested we check out a little hike near by we had heard about:
I am very happy we did what Chad suggested. Um, it was amazing. 
So beautiful, and the girls were in heaven: lots of water, lots of rocks, lots of bugs, and lots of semi-dangerous opportunities for us all.
After climbing up those sweet falls, we sat at the edge of the river/creek and de-leeched our feet, put our soggy shoes back on, pointed to the rather large fish swimming by, and observed our new owies we earned exploring. I love times like this. We had so much fun together, and we needed it. Being outdoors, it is good for body and soul. There is just something about it that is almost medicinal for me. 

Today was  a very good day.
Maybe, we are feeling all the prayers especially today? Or maybe we are finally listening to the comforting whispers we get when we stop trying to figure life out by ourselves. Either way, I am happy. I am calm. And its all going to be wonderful.


Jeremy Saunders said...

oh my goodness, talk about life throwing you a curve ball, but what a grand adventure you are having! I hope you get settled soon! Try not to stress out too much, you dont want a stressed out baby in your tummy!
Love and hugs to all!

will and tiff said...

wowzers! what a journey you are on. i love all that you are teaching by sharing this journey. you are right, we are never matter how daunting it may seem. sending peace and calming thoughts and prayers to your family. good luck with the interviews! i'm sure he will just rock them all...