Saturday, September 10, 2011

sat morning

What are your Saturday mornings like?
Ours start out really early, Chad goes for a long run (today he did 16!), I write our list of things to do, we eat breakfast, the girls color, be cranky, never get out of our pjs, then Chad gets home and we all go to the farmers market, which is my favorite.
Oh, and we dance a lot, well, for Lily that means spinning and spinning and spinning in her princess dresses.

ps- like our olive green oven? I do, well most of the time. Cause it only works sometimes, always an adventure using it.


Justine said...

I love your olive green stove! There have been so many thing that I have seen lately that have reminded me of you! I miss you, the girls, and Chad like crazy! Love you so much.

Megan Marie said...

you look so awesome. :)

Diana Smith said...

hollllly cow, 16 miles! Thats crazy. Good for him though. You look great being pregnant and all!