Friday, December 2, 2011

a very homemade Christmas, again.

Any Christmas decor that we have in our home is most likely homemade, and probably from a recycling bin. 
Yesterday I made Christmas trees with Lily:
 Sew simple! PUN! I just stacked about 7 real estate magazine pages together, sewed down the middle, separated the "boughs" and now we have a Christmas tree forest on our mantle! Whoop! I think I'll make even more today with news paper to really spice it up.

Last year, I made "tinsel" with newspaper, which was awesome, but I was picking it up all the time. This year I went for a sturdier route:
 I had a TON of circle scraps from some circle quilts I had made. I just sewed them together, folded them over, ironed them down, and BAM! Super sturdy, rather adorable garland type thingy, that I actually will be using in the girls room after Christmas is over. You could totally make this with Christmas-y colors, or just white which would be really pretty, but I went for what I already had yo.

After that stuff was done, I asked Lily what else we needed:
"I know....BOWS!!!" Duh, I just ripped scraps of fabric, and tied bows on our fakey-fake branches.
" A shiny star!!!" which, is just aluminum foil, cut into a star, and taped on a TP roll. 
She then was in the painting mood, so I just cut up a diaper box in random shapes and let her at it.
After ripping scraps for our "BOWS!!!!!" I just ripped some plaid in to little strips, tied them together and  wahlllahhh!!! Another garland thingy, which Eden uses as a rope, logically.

There you have it folks, our home made Christmas! I think we'll do some paper mache later on today...let ya know how/if it goes down.


Anonymous said...

You are so stinking crafty is makes me feel bad. Can you invite me over next time so I can get some tips from the master herself? :)

Haley said...

oh girl! I NEED A SEWING MACHINE. i've been all about homemade this year too :) but i've mainly just used paper, scissors, and hot glue. I love the fabric garland...fantastic :) Hope you, Chad, and your 3 girlies are having a wonderful time soaking up the holidays :)

Meghan said...

I recognize some of those fabric circles from my really awesome quilt/wedding present that you made for me.
P.s it's my most favorite blanket in our whole house.