Tuesday, December 20, 2011

post partum tips.

*Precursor- I am NOT a style blogger...obviously. Nor a photographer, obviously. So don't judge.*
So after Lily was born, I was pretty much miserable. My recovery was long, and painful. I didn't know what I was doing, nursing was hard and to top it all off I felt so ugly. Nothing fit right,  I basically wore sweats, every day. I never did my hair or make up and it was hard. Really, hard.

So if anyone else is out there, in a similar situation, I feel ya girl. It sucks.
I cant really help with recovery, but after my third baby, I have learned a few things that help the "feeling pretty" part.
First off, be patient with your body. Some girls bounce right back after a baby, and look like they never had a kid...some dont. I dont. It takes a while for me to be back to "normal" and I am finally, ok with that.  So here are two outfits that are good examples of what I typically wear, that help me not feel uber lame:
1) long stretchy undershirts/tank. Long enough to cover your bum, at least thats how I like them. That way when nursing, your back/tummy isn't just chilling/is chilly, in plain sight.
2)Go-to boots. I literally wear this boots daily. They make #3 not so homeless looking.
3) Thick stretch pants. WAY better thank baggie sweats. I have a grey pair and black pair...they basically are alternated every other day.
4)Loose top. I love this one its soft, and loose and just the right length for me. So when nursing, this gets pulled up, the tank underneath goes down, and basically everything's covered! And I like that its loose so my postpartum tummy isn't showcased. Also something awesome- flowy tank, cute jacket, stretch pants, boots. Easy, and cute.
5) My best tip ever: SHOWER AT NIGHT. Holy moly, it cuts down on so much time in the morning. I go to bed with wet hair, in a braid and this is what it looks like in the morning- wavey. Then make up I just put on my foundation, mascara, blush. Donezo in like 3 minutes...maybe 4 if I brush my teeth, if you're lucky enough.
1) Hair tie. This way when poop/pee/barf are at large I can quickly put the hair out of danger. (Or bobby pins so you can do milk maid braids!)
2) Best invention everrrrrrrrrrr= maxi dress. Basically you are wearing a muumuu with a belt and it works. (this dress I'm wearing, the tutorial HERE) This one is stretchy enough to just pull down and I can nurse super easy.
3) Nails painted...makes me feel pretty.
4)Belt. This seals the deal. Makes the muumuu into a cute outfit. I also wear looser tops with a cardigan, and belt it up too. shows off the waist, with out being to tight on areas you don't want tight.

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Ashely said...

I totally shower at night and braid my hair so it will be wavy the next day. I don't have kids, I'm just being lazy :)