Saturday, November 27, 2010


I recently discovered that I love the "milkmaid braids".
Remember how I wanted to chop off my hair? ('s still an internal struggle
These braids have stalled that plan, for now.

They are SUPER easy folks. 
  1. make pig tails right above your ears. 
  2. cover your pony tail holders by wrapping a small section of a hair around it
  3. braid the pig tails (not too tight) 
  4. then cross them over the top of your head and pin. 

Happy braiding!

(yes, Lily's art work is still hanging on our wall proudly)


Bonnie said...

I love it! I wish my hair was long enough!

Diana Smith said...

So pretty! I love that. My hair is so short! I cut it right after I had a baby cause she was grabbing.

Haley K said...

you look goooood with those milk made braids :) I've done it with twists, but i love the braids! I'll be trying that soon =)

Holly said...

I love it...will have to try it! I too feel like I want to cut my hair but when I go to do it..I feel as if I might cry sooo...I don't think I am ready either..hehe!

Megan Marie said...

cute cute cute. you should have posted this BEFORE i chopped my hair. grrr. :)

Brittany said...

We really are like twins. I've been doing this all the time too. Its so easy!!