Wednesday, April 18, 2012

on my mind as of right now

I sat down to write a blog post and now I don't know what to say. hmmm.
Welp, here things that are on my mind:

  • I just love my kids lately. For some reason, they have been so sweet and fun. Which is nice, cause it seemed like we were kinda on a rotten streak for a bit.
  • I fly out to Seattle for my grandpa's funeral this weekend. I am sad he's gone, but more happy than sad. He is now out of that tired old body and with my mom again, kinda jealous actually.
  • While in Seattle, I get to see almost 100% of my cousins...its be YEARS since this has happened and I am so so so so so excited. I love my family.
  • Maggie is so so so rolly. As in, the girl rolls all ov'r da place. And when she gets real excited she pumps her arms=little push-ups when laying down, I'm obsessed.
  • I got a shellac manicure last night, kinda rad.
  • I used to think Angelina Ballerina was the worst. Nope, My Little Ponies. My ears bleed when I hear their annoying voices.
  • Chad. I just love him.  I am so glad I married him. 
  • Missionaries are coming over for dinner tonight. It will make me miss my brother and sister a lot (they are serving missions right now for our church, too). I am planning on making chicken lettuce wraps...but all I want to do is make cake and get some ice cream and call it dinner?
  • Eden's new thing is to sneak a marker and draw tatts all over her self. Currently the tops of her feet and tummy are covered, I secretly love it. Cracks me up. Shhh, don't tell her that though, k?


Kelsey said...

I have banned My Little Ponies at my house, I cannot stand it either! And macey even started talking like them, that was the last straw.

and I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa passing away, but how awesome is knowing they're with all their loved ones in heaven. Makes it hard to be too sad. And have fun with all your cousins! That was the best part about going home for grandpa's funeral last week. Gotta love family.

Haley said...

Even though it is for your sweet Grandpa's funeral, i hope you have a wonderful time in Seattle :) yay for cousin time!

when you said that Maggie was so "rolly" i thought you were saying she has lots of rolls, and i was like "YESSSSS" then i realized it was that she rolls around, and was still like "YESSSSSS" :)

and I love that Eden finds a thrill in body art, teehee ;)

Glad you're doing so great Rach! xo

Jess said...

I know exactly what you mean about the missionaries. Everytime I see missionaries I walk away feeling sad and just missing Jenn and Scott so much! And now my latest thing is that I cry from beginning to end of EVERY letter they send hahah...I'm blaming the pregnancy hormones. :) Love you sis and can't wait to see you and that little girl again on Friday!