Wednesday, July 11, 2012

my girls, my dad.

Like always, I am horrible at taking pictures when with family. I just get caught up in the moment or something and just space it. 
But I did manage to take a few when my girls were teaching my dad ballet, and when he was teaching them yoga.

 And now for my all time favorite shot:
(L-R: Maggie, Eden, Lily, Me, Chad. Duh)
My dad used to draw smiley faces on of his and my finger tips during sacrament meeting (first hour of church) when I was little and it provided the necessary hour of entertainment we both needed. So naturally he asked that I draw my family on his toes. My girls naturally were obsessed and then proceeded to draw all over their feet.

I loved having my parents in my house. 
To see us in our "element". It was by far the best visit we have had, ever, and I can't wait for them to come again!


Bonnie and Tyler said...

I love when the parents come visit, gets lonely sometimes when you are so far away! Love the smiley faces!

Bham2Sisters said...

Love your home, more pics of every room please!!!

Megan Marie said...

awesome picture. i like.