Monday, January 21, 2013

every Saturday or Sunday night

Every saturday or Sunday night, I write an email to addressed to my sister and brother, who are both on missions for my church. My sister is in Thailand right now, and coming home TEN DAYS!!!???!?!???!?!! and my brother is in Guatemala and comes home in October.  I usually write a little bit, and then just copy and paste my blog posts down.

And sometimes if I'm reeeeally lucky, I happen to be either in earshot of my phone when it *dings* that I got an email, or I am just finishing up an email when they respond, and so we kind of "IM" each other via email. Today I got to do that with my brother, so awesome, I quickly took this shot of Maggie and I waving and emailed it....a dinosaur version of video chat? A few weeks ago my sister and I "chatted" for almost a half hour, loved every minute!

 For document's sake, here's how they usually go....except usually there's less complaining.... 

"Ever have a day where you wake up in a funk? Today was that day for me. Just everything was off, I was tired, annoyed and just wanted to go back to bed.....all day. We went to church, left right after the bread and water cause kids were melting down, came home and then two (loud and cri-za-zy) families came over for dinner. Their kids trashed our house and then they left. COOL. So now I am just pretending that didn't happen and going to enjoy my quiet house with Chad while he packs up his biking gear for his ride in in the morning (this is a nightly ritual(:) {total first world problems, I know}

BUT. Tomorrow will be a better day. I wont be a cranky mess, and I will make rainbow pancakes in the morning, with pink sprinkles for my girls=their minds blown. Can you believe it, Lily turns FIVE, 5! on Saturday. How did that happen. I am going to make her a unicorn head band, rainbow play-do and then we'll get her rainboots. Oh, how good does it sound to be five? Such a good life. Still trying to figure out what we're going to do for her party...maybe a painting party? We'll see. 

Anyways, love you guys. Jenn, I can not adequately express how crazy fast these past 18 months have flown, what? you come home in a couple weeks? How in the world did that happen. Scott, the same goes for you, I can not believe that you will be home in less than a year. The parents, they say other wise:) This has been the longest 18 months and two years of their lives:) its so cute how they talk about you guys....oh just completely adore and are so proud of you both. ONE THOUGHT FROM CHAD from his scout trip this weekend: "it's not about how many baptisms you get, it's how quickly you are obedient. How fast that response time is from prompting to execution." 


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Madi said...

Dude! My baby brother is coming home from his mission in Thailand in 11 days!! Crazy small world! :)