Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"...you haven't blogged in over a week."-Chad

And so here I am, repenting.
I haven't blogged cause...um...it really just did not cross my mind.
So I will up date you in bullet points:

  • Lily turned F I V E. How did this happen. My baby, is five years old. I have been a mom for five years. just insanity. And she is perfect. 
  • I made unicorn head bands for her birthday (Princess Luna, and Celestia)
  • I also made a magical rainbow cake. 
  • Maggie loves chocolate! Shocker. And I bribe her with it, often.
  • Yesterday was 70* F out, that means today is constant tornado watches/warnings and my back yard turns into a lake.
  • I am typing this with one hand cause Maggie refuses nothing but my lap. #shestheboss

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A little Birdie... said...

Bottom left pic looks JUST like Lily. Except chubbier. (But that chub looks like its going away?!?)