Monday, February 18, 2013

"Don't you know I've had diarrhea since Easters?"

If you've never seen Nacho Libre before, I am sorry that you do not then appreciate the post title.
Literally, the past two weeks has been straight crap and barf. LITERALLY.
And so now my house looks like this:

Today was supposed to be operation: Restore Order.

BUT I woke up with the thought punching me in the brain: "I need to make someone dinner, tonight."
So I thought of all my people. Folks who just took on three new foster babies, folks dealing with bad depression, folks super sick and prego....and then one lady's name popped into my head: "Call Liz. Call her now."

I did, turns out her few month old down syndrome sweet angle baby not only has influenza B but now has pnumonia and was admitted to the hospital. For the millionth time.

Long story short, I made a LOT of food and brought it over to her SEVEN other kids at home. And so my house is still a mess. And I am totally ok with it.

Maybe tomorrow? But I'm not counting on it. 


Emma said...

Raaacchhheeelll!!! It's been awhile since I hopped onto your awesome blog. I laughed out loud at your title and pretty much almost woke up Ephraim. Sorry you had the stomach bug :(. Awesome about serving that family despite the chaos of the house. Miss you guys a ton.

amychasingchildren said...

This is exactly what my house looks like!!! I have 3 kids and am pregnant with our 4th...I keep reassuring my husband it will get better, but truth is I don't know if it will. Praying for some springtime weather and springtime cleaning in Oregon!

likeschocolate said...

You don't know me, but I have been blog stalking you for a while. Love your blog. Love your sense of humor. You are awesome. I am sure you friend will be forever greatful!

John and Trina Busch said...

GOOD FOR YOU! I think that helping someone is better than cleaning, A LOT of the time. my mom says that this isn't my "season" to serve. that I need to be focused on my three under 5. but I think the only things that keep me going is the smile on someones face that just needed a visit or dinner or whatever! I'm sorry y'all are sick! thank you for being honest on your blog. Its refreshing to know that I'm not the only one who has a messy house. my kids just want me to hold them all the time. what am I going to say? NO! i wont spend time with you...uh no:)