Monday, March 25, 2013

how the monday is rolling out.

This morning I woke up thinking:
"Crap. I've got a handful of sick (slimy, but pink eye and puke are gone!) girls. 
What are we going to do today?"
We ate breakfast, kinda.
Then busted out paper, glue sticks, crayons, approximately 1 billion stickers, scissors, and made cards for grandparents for Easter.

And while doing so I thought: "Tonight, we need a fancy dinner."
We need something fun, unnecessary, and exciting to prepare for to distract us from being sick and it snowing outside.

Our menu will be:

garlic chicken
balsamic glazed asparagus
coconut mashed sweet potatoes

and to make it actually fancy, martinelli's with our goblets +candles and table cloth.

AND THEN to top it off: Chocolate, coconut cream pie.

OH it will be glorious.

Now, off to make decorations!


Me and My Boys said...

I'm totally Loving your hair in that picture below. It's Fabulous! and as always your so fun and creative. Even though it's spring, I'm kind of loving this snow day and the 10inches we got.

Andrea said...

I miss your blogging. Hope you are well.