Thursday, August 15, 2013

today thus far

This morning was quite nice.
I woke up with red hair! I like! 
I officically decided to start growing my hair out again. But I am going to take it slow, so my awkward stage really never exsists. Ever grown out a pixie cut? If not done correctly, it can be rather horrendous.
So I am keeping the back short, until I get to the point of this:
and then let it go from there. 
I am hoping by next year, I will have close to shoulder length hair? We shall see!

Anyways, back to this morning.
We lead our neighbors to one of our favorite parks, and low and behold the Krispy Kreme "hot" light was on right next to the park so we shamelessly went in, grabbed free donuts and walked out. THEN to the park. AND LET ME TELL YOU the weather here is confused with the NW summer weather, I can not get enough of it. Today's high? 75 NO humidity. So the park was amazing. THEN we went and used our free frozen yogurt coupons, and then went home.
(Eden the walking valentine at the park)
And now we are home (sugar buzzing) and I am coaching Lily on how to draw: different species of dinosaurs, skunks, poodles, normal dogs, bugs and any reptile. 

Life is good, even when I think it's hard, its good.

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Megan Marie said...

I have been soo boring lately! i need some rach spirit in me! almost cut all my hair off but then i remembered growing it out. yeah, i think i'm going to not do that right now.

miss you!