Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WTA (What The August)

Summer is almost over. We went to kindergarden open house last night (?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!!!!!!!) and so on monday Lily, starts school. And school here is 8-3 every day. She, she is going to love it and is SO ready! The rest of us? I'm not so sure. Weekends are going to be even more cherished, and I will be counting down the days constantly for the next break, I can already tell. Eden starts school the following week, but "only" twice a week.  

All in all, a LOT of change in the past few weeks, and in next few weeks. Pile that on top of a miscarriage and holy moly, I just feel confused. I think (pretty positive, actually) that once we get into our groove of a solid routine (which I am craving soooooo much) I'll get my proverbial sea-legs and keep sailing. But as of now, I am (proverbially) sea sick. 

A few shots of the summer that whizzed by so fast I cant believe that its really august, let a lone towards the end of august! WHAT. :
 Mags' feet. The girl thinks shoes are revolting. So her feet show NC pride and has tar heels all da time.
 Lily, I am fairly positive would thrive in AZ. She whines if it rains for more than 20 minutes and loves to "lay out" by the pool to warm up. She's half reptilian I am sure.
So long morning bike rides. Us four girls would cruise all over our (rather tiny) town like we owned the place (cause we do!). Park hop, ice cream cones, you know, the life!

Now, I am off to get a little trim, and maybe dye my hair a new color? Stay tuned and cross your fingers folks!
... Because I am always a person that needs to show an outward expression of change, whether thats hair or a action...need to express it. 

And lets also cross our fingers that I will blog more. 
I do love it, just need to the umph to do it, ya know?

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Megan Marie said...

love those feet!

i have a love/hate with all-day school. i'm excited for lily though. she's going to LOOOOOOOOVE all of that wonderful learning. warning though... liam was so tired and cranky from towing the line all day that he pretty much melted down every evening. we found that giving him a fair amount of time to just do whatever he wanted, like to play or be alone, instead of asking him to pick up his backpack, clean his room or work on his homework right after school made a huge difference. that's a lot of listening for one, tiny person to get used to.

and do blog! i love it when you do!