Tuesday, January 17, 2012

typical tuesday

Hi friends.
Remember when I used to do that  thing called TYPICAL TUESDAY?
I thought it was rather fun. 
We got to meet people from India, Norway, Australia, Switzerland, NYC and even Utah
I love seeing into the lives of people, as mundane as they may think it may be, I love it. And so do others. 
I personally think when you take time to document the mundane, it makes you realize how awesome you have it.

Well, Typical Tuesday is officially starting back up, next week!
Be prepared, I've got a good line up of some awesome people.

But I need more people, come on, don't be shy.
You know you want to!

Email me k?
(rachel . meynders @ gmail . com)

1 comment:

Southern Belle said...

I think you should mix in one of your typical tuesdays once a month or once a couple months....:)